Recognised expert manufacturer of award-winning goods Hellers is a household favourite in New Zealand, producing over 3.5million sausages and over 1.5million slices of bacon every week. But operating technologically advanced production plants to the highest standards in the food manufacturing sector doesn’t come without risk, and for over 25 years Hellers has valued the advice of the Abbott Group in guiding their insurance decisions. Managing Director Nick Harris remembers how thorough his broker Derrick Abbott’s recommendations were but knew he wasn’t being oversold to. Nick, and founder Todd Heller, particularly value the Abbott Group’s honesty, integrity and attention to detail.

Key Person Cover

When business owner Jane (name withheld on request) required immediate surgery and postoperative treatment after a routine breast examination turned her life upside down, she was grateful that she had taken her broker Derrick Abbott’s advice when he suggested that she and her husband should have Key Person policies in place. Although Jane and her husband had originally considered the policy a “nice to have” rather than an essential, Derrick had politely insisted that the policy was important. Fortunately the policy turned out to be a highly worthwhile investment, enabling Jane time away from the business while she recovered and paying out sufficient funds to enable them to carry on without any financial worries.

Bowden & Trent

When Phil Bowden was diagnosed with throat cancer less than three months after taking out a new health policy, his broker Derrick Abbott went into bat for him when his insurer refused to pay out. Derrick successfully argued with the insurer that delays in processing Phil’s medical checks had unnecessarily delayed the policy being put into place, and the policy was paid out in full. Sadly, Phil passed away in December 2006, but despite losing his friend and colleague, the strong business continuity policies Derrick had also recommended meant that Phil’s business partner Alan was able to buy out Phil’s share and continue trading.

Sharp Glass Services

“The relationship I have with Abbotts has proven invaluable since the fire that totally destroyed our home and contents a few years back”. Mike Moore, Sharp Glass Services. After the fire, Mike found that the sound advice given to him by his broker Scott Sheridan had ensured that he had excellent home and contents cover and he was able to replace his home with a new house of his choosing. When issues arose with Mike’s insurer during the process of settling the claim, his Abbotts broker provided strong support and advocacy that resulted in the full entitlement being paid.