Premium funding

Premium funding allows you to spread your insurance costs across 10 or 12 instalments offering a convenient alternative to annual lump-sum payments.

The benefits of premium funding

Consolidate your premiums

Bundle multiple policy premiums into one easy monthly direct debit payment for hassle-free budgeting.

Free up your cash flow

Spreading the cost of your insurance helps free up cash flow for use elsewhere.

Tax deductible

If your business insurance is tax deductible, so is the interest on your premium funding.

How it works

Abbott Premium Funding specialises in arranging finance for insurance premiums. We pay the insurers on behalf of our business or personal clients up front and the client takes out a loan with our premium funding company to pay us back by making regular monthly payments over 10 or 12 installments during the insurance policy period.

An administration fee and interest charge applies to this service, and terms and conditions apply.

If you would like to apply for premium funding, please contact your Abbott broker.