Southern QA

When Dee and Rob Penney were in a motor scooter accident while holidaying on the Greek island of Corfu, Dee was left with a severed artery and tendons while Rob was knocked unconscious. Fortunately, the travel cover their broker Scott Sheridan had put in place enabled them to be transferred to a brand new private clinic in Corfu town where they received excellent treatment, and they were flown back to New Zealand in first class seats once they received medical clearance. Scott visited them at home on their return and handled the claim on their behalf, with the full settlement paid directly into their bank account soon after.

Armstrong Motor Group

For 18 years Rick Armstrong has trusted broker Derrick Abbott’s advice for all his insurance needs. The insurance liabilities for a prestige car business with six branches nationwide go beyond the usual. There’s motor cover for a large number of unnamed drivers for high value vehicles, the risk of damage to a customer’s car in the workshop, or theft from someone failing to return a valuable vehicle from a test drive. Normal building and premises insurance is needed and staff have travel and medical insurances as well as key person protection. Rick still appreciates the direct contact he has with his broker and says Derrick works as hard now to deliver cost effective insurance cover as he did at the start.


With their character building and home for the last 26 years badly damaged after the earthquake of 4 September 2010, ASKO’s owner Graham Marshall was thankful he had taken out earthquake insurance on the recommendation of his Abbott broker Scott Sheridan two years earlier. Scott’s tireless work to get temporary beams erected just 48 hours after the quake, allowed ASKO staff to rescue their precious stock before the building’s demolition. His efforts ensured ASKO could reopen their business and continue trading as quickly as possible.

Oxford Management Services

Max Bremner’s portfolio of freehold hospitality outlets was hit hard by the Christchurch earthquakes, with millions of dollars of damage and disruption. One of the worst hit properties was the busy Speights Ale House on Bealey Avenue, where the visitor accommodation was completely destroyed and will take over 18 months to rebuild. Fortunately Max had full confidence that he was comprehensively covered due to the advice of his insurance advisor Derrick Abbott, enabling him to focus on the important tasks of rebuilding, relocating and recovering his business.

Construction Holdings

Disaster struck when an unexpected tropical cyclone completely levelled Construction Holdings’ company Apollo Projects’ 8000 sqm storage facility at Marsden Point, Auckland part way through the build. Despite the insurance having been taken out through another broker, Construction Holdings asked Abbott Group broker Stuart Speirs to pursue the claim on their behalf. Stuart travelled to Auckland several times to meet with underwriters and his assistance with the claim was instrumental in reaching a successful settlement. Abbott Group have since become Construction Holdings’ insurer of choice.

The Innovative Travel Company

When the news that the Innovative Travel offices had been damaged by Christchurch’s 7.1 earthquake reached Robyn Galloway on a trip to Greece in September 2010, Robyn knew she could rely on her Abbotts broker to handle everything for her. She was right – just four days later the cracked windows had been replaced by professionals with her insurer’s full approval and minimal disruption to her team. Robyn particularly values the knowledge that her broker will advocate for her and fight her case in the event of a claim – fortunately her business recovered quickly from the quakes and continues to thrive.