What’s the timeline for the integration of the two businesses?

The first phase of transition work will be completed for the beginning of the new financial year, July 2018.

There’s a lot to get right so we will be taking our time to ensure the positive integration of our people, our processes and systems to ensure the best experience for our clients and business partners.

Will the offices and locations change?

One of the key benefits of the merger is a greater footprint and representation throughout New Zealand, with 8 office locations spanning Auckland to Dunedin.

Each branch will continue to operate from their respective offices post merger, with the exception of our Christchurch teams, who will co-locate in Abbott House from mid-January 2018.

How has the staff reacted to the news?

Many of our brokers/account managers have known each for years and there is a great deal of mutual respect and goodwill. It’s one of the key reasons the leadership teams have such confidence in the merger.

Will there be any staff reductions directly as a result of the merger?

The merger is not an attempt to rationalise staff numbers and no-one will be made redundant directly as a result of the merger. It will be business as usual for the team.

Will there be a name change?

Both companies will operate under the Abbott branding, which will roll out progressively from January 2018. There is no hard and fast changeover planned. Good things take time.

Will my account manager/broker team change?

Your account manager or broker team will not change as a direct result of the merger.

Will it affect any existing quotes or annual renewals coming up?

It’s business as usual for any current business on the go. The only thing you’ll notice in the short term is the transition to the Abbott brand across stationery and other marketing communication materials.

Will there be any additional services offered?

Another of the benefits arising from the merger is the potential to expand core services over time. But for now, the newly merged business will concentrate on getting the basics right – risk management and insurance placements services for existing and new clients

Will there be any major operational changes in the next 6-12 months?

IC Frith and Abbotts will continue to operate on their independent computer systems until such time as the right platform is ready to take us to the next level of client servicing and integration.

Who can I talk to if I have any other questions?

Simply get in touch with your account manager/broker. They are there to help and will continue to be your first ports of call if you have any issues, concerns or questions.