If you own a rental property and your tenants need to vacate, your home policy should include a Loss of Rent Benefit.

Your insurer will pay for any rent you don’t receive within the limits of the policy.

Your tenants should contact their own contents insurance provider to make an Alternative Accommodation claim for themselves.

Fletchers/EQR will contact you in plenty of time before they commence repairs, and can issue you with an “Insurance Advice Note” – this confirms the date and duration of repairs, whether they need your tenants out of the property, and whether they need their contents moved out. This letter will be required in order to lodge a claim.”

In addition to the Insurance Advice Note from EQR, your insurer will require:

  • A copy of the tenancy agreement
  • Bank statements for the period leading up to repairs, showing the rent coming into the account regularly and then ceasing
  • A bank account number for payment

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